[Bits] & Books is a creative, innovative, STEAM education space. We hope for it to be a meeting place where people can discover the latest developments and trends, experience and share knowledge, and develop projects related to the world of electronics, robotics, programming and digital manufacturing, within a framework of creative and artistic freedom, inspired by the roots of maker culture.

Bits & [Books] is physically connected, by an interior hallway, with LHA, one of the most important technical libraries of Barcelona, with a history spanning over 70 years,  and associated with Marcombo publishing, which brings a great creative and business potential, establishing amazing synergies within the holding.

Digital fabrication space

Bits & Books offers laser cutting and 3D printing (FDM & SLA), 3D scanner and CNC services, plus a support team to advise and assist creators who use our services.

Workshops & events

Bits & Books offers a wide range of workshops and activities on a regular basis throughout the year. Workshops and events include all kinds of activities from official Ubuntu events,   CNC breadboard design courses, 3D printing and laser cutter training sessions, to all kinds of activities related to electronics, programming and digital manufacturing.

Knowmad co-working

The term knowmad is a neologism that combines the words know and nomad,and serves to define a new profile subject. A knowmad is an innovative, imaginative, creative person, who has the ability to work collaboratively with almost any kind of person, at any time and place.

The aim of Bits & Books is to offer a comfortable working space, with all the services required for knowmads around the world who are passing through Barcelona or are developing their projects in the city.

The Discovery Shop

One of the most interesting and innovative proposals of Bits & Books is what we call ‘The Discovery Shop’. The aim of Bits & Books is to constantly search for the most innovative, creative and original maker scene products around the world, making them available to the public so they can experiment with them, thus creating a meeting place for the Barcelona maker community. The objective is also to provide not just commercial space, but a place where any creator or maker can show their projects and share their knowledge.

Workshops & Courses

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Build a Bartop arcade with Raspberry Pi

Your own Bartop arcade with Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Arduino

Arduino, main specs and practical uses.

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Descubre las posibilidades de la Raspberry Pi.

Learn 3D modelling with Fusion 360

Learn 3D design and modelling with Autodesk Fusion 360

Programming with Python

Learn Python programming language.

Configuration and maintenance of your 3D printer

Learn how to build and mantain your own 3D

Build your own 3D printer with Formbytes

Discover how to build your own 3D printer

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