The Bits & Books creative HUB offers an innovative and integrated training and working space. A comfortable place where you can find workshops, courses and open activities related to technology, programming, design, digital manufacturing and the maker world, with creativity as the main backbone.

The space, located next to Plaça Universitat, right in the center of Barcelona, ​​is open to welcome any profile of people interested in developing their technological and creative skills. Designed for people who need a workspace for their projects, or knowledge nomads  from around the world who are passing through Barcelona or are developing their projects in the city.

Bits & Books is a project that emerged more than 80 years of experience of the Librería Hispano Americana bookstore, a reference of specialized technical and scientific books in Barcelona. Our roots are related to culture and training within the scientific and technical spectrum. With Bits & Books HUB we take a step forward, incorporating workshops and courses to bring the technical-scientific culture to people, taking advantage of the new technological opportunities.

What can I find in the Bits & Books community?

  • Courses with topics related to programming, internet of things, electronics, design and digital manufacturing, among many other disciplines.
  • Intensive workshops on specific topics.
  • Open activities where the community meets freely to think, develop, discover, share and learn.

A pleasant workspace with digital manufacturing tools (3D printer, laser cutter, 3D scanner), high speed WiFi connection, technical scientific library available to all users, lockers, …

How can I become a member of the Bits & Books community?

Being a member of the community is very easy, we have different types of offers designed for kind of people:

  • The nomadic subscription allows you to access the space during the mornings or  afternoons with a shared table, 15% discount on the use of digital manufacturing tools and 5% discount on all books of the Hispano Americana Bookstore. With this subscription you can access the activities and an intensive workshop per month, while the subscription it’s on.
  • With the fixed subscription you will have a table and a locker for your exclusive personal use, so you can leave your materials / computer on site, you will also have a 25% discount on the use of tools of digital manufacturing and free access to all training activities, workshops and courses that take place on site. You can also enjoy a 5% discount on all books of the American Hispanic Bookstore.

Another very interesting way to be part of the Bits & Books community is to sign up for a course, in this case you will also have free access to our space for the duration of the course, so you can have a place to put in practice everything you learn.

In the case of joining an intensive workshop, you will have access to Bits & Books during the week following the workshop.

Scheduled activities