Bits & Books proposes a wide variety of courses related to technology, programming, design and digital manufacturing. Whether you are interested in devices such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, 2D / 3D design and digital manufacturing, discover the world of IoT (internet of things) or you need to learn to program with languages ​​such as C, Python or JavaScript, at Marcombo and Bits & Books you can find the course or workshop that fits your interests.

Our goal is to offer high-level training for both people who start in a subject and for people who are experts in more specific topics. For this reason we are offering two types of activities; the courses, which are about 12 to 15 hours activities with a weekly regularity and that are thought to give a broad vision on a more general subject; and the workshops, which are normally intensive activities, designed to deal more deeply with a more specialized topic or content.

The courses and workshops, online or on-site, that we offer at Marcombo / Bits & Books  can be divided into several subjects:

    • Arduino: In these courses and workshops we intend to make known the operation and programming of the Arduino boards, its main features, uses and applications. You can find introductory courses to Arduino and more advanced courses or workshops where you can build your own Arduino from scratch.
    • Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer whose main objective is to stimulate the teaching of computer science and digital technologies in the education sector, but its amazing flexibility allow us to adapt it to many other needs, and can be used to almost anything, from a multimedia center, to learn programing, to create a home automation system, robotics, or a device for IoT (internet of things). At Bits & Books we have courses designed to discover the Raspberry Pi capabilities and allowing you to dive into a world of almost endless possibilities.
    • Design, 3D printing and digital manufacturing: The digital manufacturing democratization process that has occurred in recent times has led us to an expansion of 2D and 3D design software and hardware, which was previously reserved almost only for professionals designers. This fact has allowed many fans and hobbyists to transform their ideas into reality using tools such as laser cutting and 3D printer machines, and has also made popular the use of programs such as Blender, Tinkercad, Fusion 360, SolidWorks or Autocad. At Bits & Books you can discover this world full of possibilities!
    • IoT (internet of things): In recent years, the appearance of IoT devices (internet of things) has been  revolution in many aspects of our daily lives, and everything indicates that it is a trend that will go further in the future. In our IoT workshops you will discover how to create your own connected devices to the cloud by using microcontrollers like ESP8266 and ESP32, the sonoff  devices, how to use communications protocols like MQTT and specialized software such as node-red.
    • Programming: The mastery of programming languages is a highly valued requirement, since it can not only help us professionally, but also teaches us to think and analyze things in a more structured and rational way. In the market there are countless programming languages, but in Bits & Books we have put an eye on those that are currently setting trends, particularly Python, a very flexible language that allows us to program almost any imaginable application, from complex websites to physics, big data, data analytics, IA and statistics.

    Check all the workshops and courses at Marcombo’s website.

Scheduled activities

September 2022

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Introducción a IoT (4 sesiones)
  • Curso Introducción a Python (5 sesiones)
  • Open Day Bits & Books
  • Introducción a IoT (4 sesiones)
  • Curso de diseño 2D y 3D
  • Curso Introducción a Python (5 sesiones)
  • Open Day Bits & Books
  • Curso de diseño 2D y 3D
  • Introducció a KiCad ( 6 sessions)
  • Curso Introducción a Python (5 sesiones)
  • Open Day Bits & Books

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